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The Safe Schools Project, under the Vacaville Public Education Foundation (VPEF), aims to support safe school and classroom environments within Vacaville public schools. Through community outreach and fundraising, proceeds under The Safe Schools Project will support Vacaville public schools through the Covid-19 pandemic and help address other student wellness issues in our community. The Safe Schools Project offers tangible, positive assistance directly to educators, schools, and individual students. VPEF will make relief contributions based on rolling necessities throughout the school year. Virtual learning necessities may include: electronics, internet access, training, and online program subscriptions. Additional support may include: personal protective equipment, disinfection, or other assistance deemed necessary for an effective learning and teaching environment for all. Through unpredictable times, VPEF stands in support of our Vacaville teachers and students during this very difficult time.


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Make a tax-deductible donation to support local teachers in local classrooms or students learning at home for kids here in Vacaville today!

Interested in volunteering, supporting local students and teachers? Contact the VPEF board to find out more about opportunities to get involved!

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Teacher Appreciation

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vacaville public school teachers are meeting students' needs in many new and unprecedented ways. Teaching is a demanding and complex career requiring compassion and continuous flexibility. Vacaville Public Education Foundation wants to recognize and cheer for our public school teachers. The level of teacher ingenuity and creativity displayed throughout these extraordinary times is a testament to the unparalleled importance of public teachers in society. THANK YOU TEACHERS, for your devotion to our community in educating the leaders of our future. We stand with you and alongside you in navigating the re-imagined format of education. We hope to support you as best possible during the 2020-2021 school year. We see you and appreciate you!

Please reach out with input on how to best provide assistance for your classroom, school, or individual students.


We love our teachers!

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