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Tile Mural Project!

Let's show our teachers we love and appreciate their dedication to the youth in our community. Vacaville Public Education Foundation, Young Professionals of Vacaville, and Bella Terra have teamed up for the 

We Love Our Teachers! Tile Mural Project. Vacaville students have the opportunity to thank their teachers (past and present) with a tile love note to be displayed as part of a larger We Love Our Teachers! mural.

What you get in your Tile Mural Kit ($25.00):
-6x6 Bisque Pottery Tile
-Assortment of Ceramic Paints
-Paint Brushes
-We Love Our Teachers! Decal Sticker
Upon return of Tile
-Kiln firing of student’s decorated tile (for preservation)
-Display tile as part of We Love Our Teachers! Tile Mural in a prominent public location. **Location to be determined dependent on interest in project and quantity of tiles completed.**

Join us in showing our teachers and schools our enthusiastic appreciation with our We Love Our Teachers! Tile Mural Project.

Completed tiles can be returned to any of our scheduled pick-up events or at our drop-off box located at Jackson Medical Supply, 506 Main St.

Please follow the instructions included in each kit for packing your completed tiles and return.


Huge thanks to YPV for choosing VPEF as their beneficiary this year and for sponsoring this campaign!


This project would not be possible without Bella Terra. Thank you so much for partnering with us!


Thank you to Travis Credit Union for being a huge donor for this project!

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In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vacaville public teachers are meeting students' needs in many new and unprecedented ways. Teaching is a demanding and complex career requiring compassion and continuous flexibility. Vacaville Pubic Education Foundation wants to recognize and cheer for our public school teachers. The level of teacher ingenuity and creativity displayed throughout these extraordinary times is a testament to the unparalleled importance of public teachers in society. Thank you teachers, for your devotion to our community in educating the leaders of our future. We stand with you and alongside you in navigating the re-imagined format of
education. We hope to support you as best possible during the 2020-2021 school year.


Please reach out with input on how to best provide assistance for your classroom, school, or individual students.


We love our teachers!